Have you built up substantial equity in your home over the years, and are ready to convert some of it into cash? Are you paying too much, month after month, on your existing home loan?

Acclaim Mortgage can arrange refinancing through a number of attractive options, according to your personal financial plans and needs. We will find you the best terms, and most importantly, the best rates for refinancing your home loan.

Refinancing is much like attaining an original home mortgage loan. It is an excellent way to consolidate debts, help pay for a college education, make home improvements, or make a large purchase such as a new car. Perhaps you finally want to take that dream vacation you’ve been putting off for years? You can often take advantage of your equity by “cashing out” most of the difference between equity and unpaid principal.

Call us at (847) 718-1322 to make an appointment with one of our experienced loan officers.

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